Hot Tips For Sexually Confident Wives #73

DANCE Your Way To Better Health!

In previous Hot Tips I’ve highlighted the health benefits of staying both sexually and physically active, and how the two are often related. The more sex we have, the healthier we are — and the healthier we are, the more sex we naturally desire to have. What a win-win!

Since writing those Hot Tips, I’ve tried a NEW form of exercise. And based on the numerous responses to the fact that I was going to try a ZUMBA class for the first time, a lot of other women have discovered this new form of exercise as well – and discovered ZUMBA’s many “sexual health benefits.”

Here are just a few of the social media testimonies:
“Shannon, you are going to have to update your books to include a chapter on how Zumba has helped a few marriages…ahem…like mine 🙂 A friend kept bugging me to go, so I went to get her off my back…LOL! Now our hubbies make sure we don’t miss it! I hope you love it!” – Meg T.

“You’ll have so much fun! It’s easy to get hooked, too! Not to mention the added benefits of ‘new sexy moves’!” 😉 – Glory C.

“You will love it!! Have fun & dance like no one is watching… because they’re not! They’re trying to learn the steps as well!! LOL!” – Shannon T.

“It’s addicting…it starts with one class a week, then two, then………” – Jessica G.

“Then take those sexy dance moves home too, Sista! Ha!” – Melinda D.

Indeed, I DID love Zumba! I thought it would be really intimidating, or really hard, but it was neither! It was just 60 minutes of fun, frivolity and feverish dancing (oh, and sweating! LOTS of sweating! But isn’t that the whole point of a good aerobic workout?!).

Wishing you a WILD workout, both outside and inside the bedroom!


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