Hot Tips For Sexually Confident Wives #10

Erasing (and Embracing)
our Past.
One day we came across a wedding party while walking on a beach in Australia. The bridesmaids had their dress hems lifted high and were making an elaborate design in the sand with their bare feet by walking around in a huge spiral. The following day I was walking past the same area and looking for evidence of their sand art, but it had been erased by the high tide. No traces of it remained — only memories.

At that point, I wished every woman who’d confided in me that they’re still struggling with their sexual past (there’ve been thousands) could be there with me – women like Felicity who’s had four abortions… Rachel who’s had more sexual partners than she can recall… Margaret who wasted eight precious years in an affair with a married man (names have been changed, of course). Oh, if I had a dime for every woman in the world with a past sexual regret, I’d be a very wealthy woman! Why did I want to gather these women on that beach? For an object lesson: Whatever we’ve done in the past, it’s been washed away! The tides of time and God’s forgiveness have erased our past, so why do we pretend it’s still following us around like a big wad of bubble gum stuck to our shoe?

If you’re still living in your promiscuous past, know that it’s GONE, girlfriend! Don’t let memories of your sexual past haunt you like a ghost. Don’t let yesterday’s pain rob you of today’s pleasure!

Also, your past can not only be erased, it can also be embraced! Simply let those past memories serve as spiritual markers of how far you’ve come in your journey toward sexual integrity. Discern what you can learn from those past mistakes, then let those lessons serve you well as you seek to become the sexually confident wife that you deserve to be!

Wishing you joy in your journey,



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