Hot Tips For Sexually Confident Wives #28

For the HUSBANDS of Sexually Confident Wives

Occasionally, based on reader response, it becomes crystal clear what our next Hot Tip should be. This is definitely one of those times…

Our past two Hot Tips have included encouragements to the women to make feminine hygiene a priority, and it’s created a bit of a firestorm that the MEN need to be aware of! For example, gentlemen, listen up to how some women responded…

“My husband comes home from work wanting sex the minute he walks in the door. I know he thinks that sitting at a desk all day doesn’t make him dirty down there, but the only way I’m willing to indulge in that part of his anatomy is if he’s showered – recently – like minutes beforehand! Is it rude to tell him that he has to take a shower before he expects me to have sex with him? I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I don’t want to gag during intimate moments together either.” -Anonymous

“I completely agree that women need to keep themselves clean to be pleasant to their partners, but my husband needs a little help in that area as well! When he fails to wipe his hairy butt sufficiently, there are lingering smells that don’t make it very inviting to put my face anywhere near that area! Can you tell MEN to make ‘masculine hygiene’ a priority too?” -Anonymous

No, it’s not rude to tell him that you prefer a freshly showered man as a sex partner! In fact, it’s rude to keep rejecting him sexually when he has no idea why! Let him in on the secret to becoming more sexually attractive to you, and my guess you’ll need to stock up on soap before the week is over!

And guys, I’ll tell you just like I told the ladies – any crack or crevice of your body that isn’t washed regularly with soap and water (not just dry toilet paper) is going to emit some unpleasant odors, so clean up your act if necessary if you want your wife to be an interested and motivated sex partner!

Wishing you good, clean fun,


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