Hot Tips For Sexually Confident Wives #14

Look Him in the Eye! Imagine this… a man is given the opportunity to look at a nude woman. Where do you think his eyes will go first?

According to the May 2009 issue of Redbook magazine, psychologists and researchers at Emory University report that men are most likely to look at a woman’s FACE first! (I’ll bet that wasn’t your first guess, or even your second, was it?)

Why her face? Think about it. Women can easily tell by looking at a nude man whether he’s sexually aroused. His erection gives him away. But women’s bodies don’t offer men the same clue, so men have to look at their facial expressions to discern whether she’s interested in sex. Perhaps that’s why women in pornography always have that “Come and get me!” look on their faces.

What can we learn from this? Staring into your husband’s eyes is one of the best forms of body language! It sends the message that you’re really into him, and what husband doesn’t want a wife who’s really into him?

So tonight at the dinner table or while sitting on the couch, look him straight in the eye. Hold your gaze. As he stares back, give him a sexy smile and a wink. And get ready to make a lot more than just eye contact come bedtime.

Wishing you a rewarding sex life,


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