Hot Tips for Sexually Confident Wives #27- Part 2

Make Feminine Hygiene A Priority- Part 2

I really appreciated all of the shouts of praise (from both women AND men) in response to the most recent Hot Tip about keeping your vaginal area cleansed if oral sex is something you desire. A reader posed this question in response, and I thought it warranted a follow-up Hot Tip!

K.R. wrote, “I have some questions concerning body hair. I have been told to shave or wax down there. I have shaved it a few times, but it just leaves a rash and itches like crazy when it comes back. So I’m not sure how to keep myself groomed in that area. Is there a certain kind of tool to use in order to keep yourself groomed or would you suggest maybe Nair? This is rather awkward for me to ask, but I figure other inquiring minds want to know as well!”

Indeed, this is a great question! BRAVO for working up the courage to put this kind of question out there, K.R.! Here’s my opinion on several different options:

  • Nair or Hair Removing Lotion: These products are only meant for external hair such as legs or armpits. I wouldn’t go there with the vaginal area – too much possibility for a negative reaction to such harsh chemicals!
  • Shaving: Not only is it difficult to shave yourself, you’re right. It feels great for a few hours, then the rash sets in, and you’re stuck with 3 days of major crotch-itch until it grows back in. Miserable!
  • Waxing: Yes, I tried it. Once. And I can’t say I’ll ever do it again. I was SO eager to hear my cosmetologist say those three magical words, “We’re all DONE!” Even though waxing feels great afterward and lasts a good while, the process ranks right up there with root canals in my opinion. If you have a low tolerance for pain, waxing may not be for you.

So what’s a Sexually Confident Wife to do if none of these are great options? Try these Quick-Trim Techniques:

  • After showering and using an intimate cleansing product like Summer’s Eve Intimate Cleanser, grab sections of pubic hair between two fingers and gently pull them away from the body. Then use regular hair cutting scissors to trim as close to your skin as possible without cutting yourself. It will create a “low burr haircut” effect.
  • Stand over the toilet so that hair falls directly into the bowl to make clean up a snap.
  • You could also use a man’s beard trimmer for such a job, but do NOT stand over a small body of water such as a toilet to use an electrical appliance!
  • Slip back into the shower for another quick cleansing session to wash away any remaining stray stubble.

No harsh chemicals, no painful waxing, no razor burn, no horrible itch as it grows out! Every 2-4 weeks should be plenty to keep your private playground well-groomed.

And if reaching these parts of your body is a challenge for you, hand your husband the scissors with a smile, place a towel on the bed, lay down on your back, and invite him to give you a hand. Most men would be happy to oblige knowing that he’ll get to indulge afterward!

Wishing you good, clean fun!


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