Hot Tips For Sexually Confident Wives #24

Use PRAYER as an Aphrodisiac! It might be exactly what your sex life needs!
There are times that the idea of giving our body to our husband become much more appealing as we talk and especially if we pray together. For me, prayer seemed an aphrodisiac of sorts, and the spiritual and emotional connection made during this time often paved the way for incredible physical connections after the “amen” was said.

Of course, your husband may not always be up to talking and praying at great length every time he desires sex. Maybe your husband has expressed — that he doesn’t want to talk, but rather touch. Perhaps he doesn’t want to pray, he just wants to play. In those times, it helps to combine the two activities–playing and praying.

For example, as you and your husband come together, you can silently pray, Lord, I may not feel like doing this right now, but I offer sex with my husband as an act of worship before You. As you begin to rub his chest, visualize what’s behind that rugged exterior and pray (sometimes aloud, sometimes silently), Lord, thank you for my husband’s heart. Thank you that he loves me so much, that he finds me attractive, and that he desires to be sexual with me. As you become one in the flesh, silently pray, Lord, thank you that you have knit us together as husband and wife. Help us remain true to our commitments to you and to one another. Strengthen us as a couple and help us to be in one accord.

You get the idea. If the spiritual and emotional connection is what you are craving and the physical connection is what he is craving, swirl the two together and both of you can go to sleep satisfied!

Believing for increased prayer and sex,


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