Hot Tips For Sexually Confident Wives #29

Enjoy The After Glow Without The After-Mess!

In light of all these “hygienic hot tips” lately, for both women and men, you’d think we’ve said about all there is to say about sexual hygiene by now! But alas, a reader submits the following fantastic question – well-worth answering in this Hot Tip…

I’m a newlywed, and I enjoy sex, but what are some practical ways to deal with the mess afterward? I always feel like I have to get right up and go to the bathroom to clean off within minutes of having sex. I can’t go to sleep without being dry and clean down there, so I’d appreciate some tips about how to enjoy the afterglow without the after-mess!

So glad you asked! Here’s my best advice for doing just that:

  • When it comes to bedtime sex, consider asking your husband to “make his deposit” externally rather than internally. Ejaculating onto your stomach or chest will make clean up much easier, and then you aren’t awakened in the middle of the night by… well, you know!
  • In your nightstand drawer, keep a short stack of old washcloths or dishtowels. When the climaxes are over, quick clean-up is a breeze, and these cloths can be laundered each week with the rest of the towels.
  • Remember that baby wipes aren’t just for babies! If you prefer a moist clean-up over a dry one, keep a container of baby wipes nearby. (These are also handy for when you want to indulge in some intimate moments before showers have taken place, so these can be useful both before and after sex!)
  • Speaking of baby stuff, also keep a few waterproof crib pads underneath your bed. It’s the perfect sheet protector to tuck under your bottom beforehand, and is much more effective than just a terrycloth towel at making sure neither of you are sleeping in the wet spot all night!

Continuing to wish you lots & lots of good, clean fun!


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