Hot Tips for Sexually Confident Wives #32

Ask For What You Need!

Each time I’m a guest on a call-in radio talk show, I know that “she” is going to call. Who is “she?” The woman who spouts off a list of all the things her husband doesn’t do for her anymore, and boy, is she steamed about it! For example:

  • He never brings me flowers
  • He never asks me out to dinner
  • He rarely initiates sex anymore

And the list goes on.

Never mind all of the things he WAS doing, like driving the kids to school on his way to work to save me the trouble… helping with homework or housework after dinner… slaving away 40-50 hours a week so that we could eat and pay our bills.

Isn’t it time to recognize how much your man does to show his love for you rather than begrudge what he doesn’t do? And if there’s something you really feel as if you need him to do in order to feel more loved, how about putting on your big girl panties and sweetly ASKING for it?

Instead of: “You never bring me flowers!”
Try: “I’m making something special for dinner, and there’s an empty vase in the middle of the table. I’m thinking a rose or two would be perfect.”

Instead of: “You never take me to dinner!”
Try: “I’ve been craving Olive Garden lately, and Friday is wide open on our calendar. Would you like to be my date?”

Instead of: “You’re so selfish in bed. It’s all about you, and never about me.”
Try: “I could use a really good orgasm. And I think you’re just the man for the job!”

I’m telling you, Ladies – this approach WORKS WONDERS for a marriage — and works wonders for your marriage bed as well! Every husband needs to crawl between the sheets at night feeling like a hero, not a zero.

So instead of tearing him down for all he doesn’t do, build him up over all the things he does well, and politely invite him to do the specific things that would make you feel as loved as you truly are.

Wishing you courage to simply ask for what you need,


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