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Sexually Confident Couple Workshop

We are TICKLED PINK to announce an exciting 

4-day Intensive Workshop designed just for couples… 


We’ve SO enjoyed offering Women at the Well Workshops, but many MEN would like to experience their own sexual breakthrough as well.


Now COUPLES can take their sexual intimacy to an even deeper level!  

(Drum roll, please)…


Introducing our Sexually Confident Couple Workshop!


Check out Shannon’s personal invitation and special offer just for you…



3 Most Common Questions/Answers:


1.  Does my wife need to have attended a Women at the Well Workshop for us to participate?
NO — ANY couple is welcome to attend!


2.  Would an engaged couple be welcome to participate as pre-marital counseling?
ABSOLUTELY — what a GREAT WAY to start your relationship off RIGHT!


3.  Do we have to pay the entire fee up front, or is a payment plan possible?
We are happy to offer a 6, 9 or 12-month payment plan — whatever will work with your budget!


To register for the Sexually Confident Couple Workshop in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, 





How large will the workshop be?

Each workshop is limited to 12 pre-screened couples.


How much does the workshop cost?

Workshop fee is $1497.00 (payable in monthly payments of up to 12 months if desired) and includes workshop materials and meals each day, as well as 1 hour of coaching with Shannon prior to the workshop to discuss what you are hoping to gain from the experience, and then another hour of coaching with Shannon OR Dr. Charles Myers as a follow-up to the workshop experience.


Lodging is $400 per couple for a private bedroom for the entire 4-day/3-night stay.  Because these LARGE venues are incredibly expensive to rent, lodging at one of the two AirBnBs is a requirement to participate in the workshop.  Payment for the lodging is due at the time of your registration and is non-refundable if you cancel less than 21 days prior to the event.


What airport would I need to fly into?

*Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA)- Chattanooga, Tennessee


Can we attend as an engaged couple?

Absolutely!  The Sexually Confident Couple Workshop would be great
“pre-marital counseling” for any couple to lay a strong foundation for your future marriage and sex life!


What can we expect from this workshop? 

Every couple will learn to effectively:

* heal childhood/family-of-origin wounds that have held us back in adult relationships

* recover from any sort of sexual or emotional trauma

* overcome the lasting effects of sexual abuse

* develop a stronger sense of self-confidence and become more comfortable in your own skin

* learn to trust, connect, and feel “bonded” to your partner once again

* experience FREEDOM and FUN in the marriage bed WITHOUT guilt, shame, or inhibition!  


Individual or couples’ counseling is incredibly valuable, but both Shannon and Charlie feel that group experiences provide an avenue for healing like nothing else!  Because we’ve most often been wounded in relationship, we also experience the most healing in relationship. Learning about healthy sexuality IN COMMUNITY with others does NOT have to be scary or overwhelming!  You are not in the 8th grade, and this is NOT junior high Health class!  You are ready for SO MUCH MORE!!!


You will learn about many helpful tools and resources and experience powerful coaching exercises designed to help you manage negative emotions (such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, etc.) and addictive patterns of relating (or not relating).  You will learn how to feel SAFE expressing your true feelings and desires, and learn to TRUST your partner as you comfort each other and connect with one another in deep and soul-stirring ways!