Hot Tips For Sexually Confident Wives #31

Little Marshmallows Enhance Your Love Making

At the risk of sounding grossly graphic, has this ever happened to you?

You enjoy a romantic dinner with your husband… take a relaxing bubble bath… put on something pretty… slip between the sheets for a little snuggle that just might lead to a whole lot more… and as you reach across the bed to plant a kiss on his lips, it happens. Those last few bites of dinner make their way up through your esophagus and lodge in your throat, giving you that “little vomit” sensation that kills a passionate kiss in seconds flat.

If acid reflux is an issue for you whenever you get horizontal with your husband, I heard a trick recently that might help you get your mojo back!

Before heading off to bed, swallow 5 little marshmallows. It basically creates a “sponge” inside your esophagus, absorbing any stomach acid before it refluxes right up into your romantic interludes.

It may sound silly, but it works! Keep a small bag of mini-marshmallows in your bedside nightstand, and I’ll bet your husband will give you brownie-points for practicality!

Wishing you a sweet sex life,


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