Touch Podcast S2:Ep3 With Dr. Bill Stayton

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Touch Podcast is hosted by Ryan Clark, Nathan Novero and is joined in Season 2 by Shannon Ethridge. In this episode, Nate and Shannon interview Dr. Bill Stayton at the Just Sex Conference sponsored by the Alliance of Baptists. 

Listeners know every conversation with 

Dr. Stayton is a trek into the sexual unknown and this show is no exception. From spontaneous erections to the difference between the cervix and clitoris, Nate and Shannon will take you on a fun ride toward honestly and authenticity. Ryan learns he’s been pronouncing the word clitoris wrong his whole life. 

This interview was made possible by Alliance of Baptists, The Carpenter Program of Vanderbilt Divinity School and Eden Theological Seminary.

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