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Touch Podcast S2: Ep1 Desire with Ryan, Nate and Shannon

We are excited to be jumping into Touch Season 2 with a new format and new co-host, ME, Shannon Ethridge!  This season we will be blending interviews with fascinating guests, answering your questions about sex and going deep into “Desire”.  From sexual addiction, toys, fantasy, pleasure, and lust to arousal, porn, virginity, and letting go of baggage. We’ll be tackling many of the biggies this season.

Plan to join us each Wednesday as we unpack these all-important issues!

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Touch Podcast Ep 18 Tantra and Jesus with Dr. Kristina Kincaid

Touch is hosted by Ryan Clark and Nate Novero.  This episode, Ryan interviews Nate and Dr. Kristina Kincaid about Tantra (check out their definition of Tantra) and how Tantra can be a tool for healing from sexual trauma. Nate speaks to how he discovered Tantra, met Dr. Kincaid and the role Tantra as a practice, has played in helping him reconnect his faith.

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