Touch Podcast Ep:1 Selling Purity with Jennifer Knapp

Season 1 of Touch Podcast: Conversations of Spirit and Body looks closely at Religious America and Sex.

Hosts Nate and Ryan talk about reconnecting after being best friends in college and then living in two different parts of the country. One thing becomes stunningly clear at their reunion; they both had baggage they brought into their sexual experiences with their partners. Nathan had moved to Los Angeles and became a filmmaker and Ryan to Georgia for seminary and a professional career in ministry. Rooted in the sexual purity movements of the 1990’s each took a different but converging path to overcome their own sexual hangups.
Ryan and Nate interview Jennifer Knapp, former Christian Popstar about her experience of almost becoming the poster child of the evangelical sexual purity movement. They discuss faith, sex, shame, and Christian consumerism.

Jennifer Knapp is a Dove Award winner and two-time Grammy Nominee, 2015 Ted Talk speaker, author, and song artist in Nashville, TN. When she’s not occupied with music, or doing advocacy work on behalf of LGBTQ people of faith through her Inside Out Faith organization, she is working on a master’s degree in theological studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School.


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