A Perfect Gift From A Perfect God

Imagine this scenario.  I know my daughter absolutely loves sushi.  So to show her how much I love her, I make an entire tray of the most exquisite California Rolls you’ve ever seen or tasted.  I leave them on the top shelf of the fridge with a note that says, “Enjoy!  I love you!” 

But days later, I notice she hasn’t touched them.  I inquire, “Erin, why have you not enjoyed the sushi I made for you?” 
She replies, “I was afraid you’d judge me if I enjoyed them too much.”
I respond, “What?  But I made them especially for you – for your pleasure!  Why in the world would you fear I’d judge you for indulging in them?”  If anything, I feel hurt that she hasn’t allowed herself to enjoy them at all.
Doesn’t make sense, does it?  Nor does it make sense for us to fear indulging in sexual intimacy within marriage when this is the exact exquisite gift God has created especially for our enjoyment.  Perhaps rather than fear offending God with our sexual expression, we should fear offending God by our lack of it.
Excerpted from The Sexually Confident Wife: Connecting with Your Husband Mind*Body*Heart*Spirit by Shannon Ethridge. Copyright 2008.  All Rights Reserved. Published by Random House Inc, New York, NY. Used by Permission. Not to be copied without Publisher’s prior written approval.