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The Fantasy Fallacy

The-Fantasy Fallacy-Cover-thumThe Fantasy Fallacy: Exposing the Deeper Meaning Behind Sexual Thoughts
by Shannon Ethridge

Sexual and emotional fantasies tend to reveal certain areas of trauma, brokenness, and disillusionment that are yet to be healed.

Many people, including Christians, look to their sexual and emotional fantasies as a road map to where they can find the fulfillment they long for. However these fantasies aren’t a reliable road map into the future, they are actually a rocky road map from the past.

Shannon Ethridge, best-selling Christian author, certified life coach, and advocate for healthy sexuality offers fascinating insights into common sexual thoughts such as:

  • dating a much older man or much younger woman
  • connecting with strangers via cyberspace
  • gay and lesbian fantasies
  • fascination with pleasure, pain, and power

Introduced in Genesis, God’s design for sex, beyond procreation, is to offer connection and pleasure for marriage partners. But also in Genesis is an outline of seven sexual fallacies that bring discord, pain, and brokenness. The Fantasy Fallacy helps explain the basis for these fallacies and offers insights to help expose not only the meaning behind them, but ways to face them, heal from them, and find physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.

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“If we are going to positively impact our sexually broken society, we must become real and relevant. Reading The Fantasy Fallacy will help us do just that.”

-Christine Caine, Founder, The A21 Campaign

“Pornography is poison. It peddles three toxic lies: Sex is cheap. Sex has no consequences. Sex requires no covenant. If our society continues to buy and believe these lies, then we can expect a slow, painful demise. It’s not too late, however. But we must wake up and take a stand.”

-Max Lucado, Pastor and best-selling author

“Thank God for Shannon Ethridge. In a world caught up with cravings for new and more exciting sexual experiences, Shannon writes a psychologically balanced and scripturally compatible book. You will find this response to what appears to be a universal mania to be enlightening and encouraging as well as affirming of healthy sexuality. I enthusiastically endorse this book.”

-Marilyn Meberg, Author, Constantly Craving; and speaker, Women of Faith®

“It is not easy to swim against the current of popular culture. It isn’t even necessary unless the current of popular culture is polluted, pulling good people to a place of pain and emptiness. Shannon’s book The Fantasy Fallacy is more than a knee-jerk reaction to a harmless diversion. It is a well researched rebuttal of a philosophy that is stealing true intimacy from the people who desire it most. Best of all The Fantasy Fallacyprovides a clear map to a real place of sexual and personal fulfillment in the real world we live in: a place called hope.”

-Ken Davis , Author, Fully Alive; and producer, SCORRE Conference

“Fantasy is tricky stuff—so tricky that it is seldom addressed. Shannon’s approach is compassionate and compelling and, therefore, helpful. I’m impressed with her speedy and thorough response to this topic.”
-Elisa Morgan, Author, speaker, and publisher,

“Sexual fantasies are normal—but for God-followers, often confusing. This book pulls back the curtains to reveal how we can use our sexual imaginations to enjoy true oneness with our spouses. Shannon Ethridge has shown light on a subject that too many have even feared to acknowledge. You don’t want to miss her message.”

-Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, Authors, Love Talk

“Shannon’s viewpoint on sexual fantasy is neither liberal nor legalistic, but soundly biblical, interwoven with true stories that are real, raw and relevant. Steeped with wisdom gained in her own counseling practice, Shannon provides sensitive insights and clear boundaries that today’s Christian desperately needs in order to navigate the stormy seas of our sexually-saturated society. Thank you, Shannon, for your diligence to write this important work for a time such as this.”

-Lorraine Pintus, international speaker, writing coach and co-author of Intimate Issues and Intimacy Ignited