Aug 182014

Do you HATE experiencing negative emotions?

Most people do.  But what if I told you that negative emotions like fear, anxiety, insecurity, anger, and sadness can actually be our BEST FRIENDS — providing the foundation for growth and healing as we journey through life and navigate a path toward healthier relationships?

It’s true!  Just ask many of my coaching clients who’ve made this discovery for themselves.

Many characters in our latest novel, Veil of Secrets, co-written with Kathryn Mackel, bear witness to this truth.  As readers watch them each wrestle with some sort of insecurity, jealousy, frigidity, fear, anger, grief, etc., we also watch them EVOLVE emotionally — toward becoming the absolute best person and partner they are capable of becoming.

If YOU are also eager to evolve emotionally and become the best person and partner possible, consider this four-part email series as my gift to you!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The Life Mapping Tool
  • Identifying the moments in your life that have shaped you most
  • Discussion with Women at the Well participant Cheryl about her experience with the Life Mapping Tool

Aug 112014

One of the most valuable nuggets of wisdom that I’ve picked up as an Author, Speaker, and Life/Relationship Coach is:

REAL LIFE experiences make FANTASTIC writing fodder! 

And the real-life experiences of hundreds of coaching clients through the years have helped me and Kathryn Mackel craft an incredibly REAL and RAW story of marital redemption called Veil of Secrets.

In this four-part email series, we (me and a couple of current coaching clients) explore some of the life-changing themes in Veil of Secretsproviding YOU with a few of my best coaching tips and sharpest tools in my ministry tool belt — powerful exercises which will help YOU experience deeper levels of sexual and emotional healing yourself!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The “Female Sexuality Spectrum”
  • Quiz # 1 – Every Woman’s Battle / Women at the Well
  • Quiz # 2 – Are You a Sexually Confident Wife?
  • Discussion with Women at the Well participant Cheryl about her experience as a married woman responding to these quizzes
  • Discussion with Women at the Well participant Liz about her experience as a single woman responding to these quizzes
Coaching Tips and Tools – Part 2

Resources from Part 2:   

Life and Relationship Coaching with Shannon Ethridge

Every Woman’s Battle

The Sexually Confident Wife: Connecting with Your Husband Mind * Body * Heart * Spirit  

The Passion Principles: Celebrating Sexual Freedom in Marriage

Veil of Secrets

Women at the Well Intensive Workshop

Sexy Marriage Radio 

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