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Long Distance Relationship Tips

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.33.30 AMThere are times when you can’t be with your spouse, either because of business or military service or schooling, etc.


So how do you maintain a steamy connection while you’re apart?


That what we talk about in today’s show.


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Overcoming Physical Challenges- Part 1

Disabled Young Woman in Wheelchair Enjoying outdoors.

Here are a couple of examples of women who’ve chosen to overcome their physical hurdles and rise to the challenge of becoming the Sexually Confident Wife they deserve to be:


* Beth has struggled with Vaginismus since her first gynecological exam as a teenager.  This condition causes a woman’s pubococcygeus muscle (or “PC muscle”) to tense suddenly without control, similar to how our eyelids tense when something is coming too close to our eyes.  Vaginismus makes any type of vaginal penetration either painful or impossible.  But rather than allow this to spoil all her fun, she says, “We’ve discovered plenty of other ways to pleasure one another and feel close to each other.  We refuse to let this ruin our relationship.”  Way to go, Beth!

* At a women’s conference, Julie shared with me in tears about her husband’s Diabetes, stroke, and resulting weight gain which pushed him over the 400-pound mark and restricted him to a wheel chair, making frequent showers or baths difficult.  These physical challenges left Julie disinterested in oral or vaginal sex, but after a private pep talk about what a vital part sexual intimacy is in any marriage, she took my advice, went home that night, and offered her hands for his pleasure.  She wrote in an email two days later, “He responded so enthusiastically after feeling neglected for so long.  Using the hands God has given us was a wonderful solution.  I felt closer to him that I have felt in a long time, and I believe this is only the beginning of the restoration process our marriage so desperately needed.”  That’s the spirit, Julie!


Hopefully you’re not facing trials as severe as the ones I’ve described, but realize that most every marriage will eventually experience some physical challenges or perhaps some sort of sexual dysfunction.  The question is, “Are you committed to overcoming such physical hurdles when they appear?”




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