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Touch Podcast Ep 8: Virginity and Porn with Dr. Tina Schermer-Sellers

Episode 8 explores the topic of visual erotica (porn) and virginity. Before Ryan and Nate finish their conversation with Dr. Tina Shermer-Sellers from episode 7, we listen to one of the stories they recorded back in the fall in Nashville. Lauren, a divinity school student at Vanderbilt, talks about how she viewed sex and virginity growing up as a preacher’s kid. 

Nate is overcome with emotion when he is surprised by Dr. Seller’s response to Ryan’s question about people of faith making and consuming erotica. Dr. Sellers gives some guidelines about explicit sexual content and offers a touching word of encouragement to Nate.

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Touch Podcast Ep 7: The Beginning and End of Shame with Dr. Tina Schermer-Sellers

Join hosts Ryan Clark and Nate Novero as they dig into the sources of our sexual shame with Dr. Tina Schermer-Sellers, therapist, sexologist, author, and professor in the School of Psychology, Family and Community graduate program at Seattle Pacific University.

Shame thrives in silence. What is the difference between guilt and shame? We have to deal with our own shame before we can do it differently with our kids. Dr. Schermer-Sellers speaks with Nate and Ryan about how to sort out what is “normal” and start figuring out how to have amazing sex.

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